Lankaputhra Development Bank

මුල් පිටුව සේවාවන් තැන්පතු සේවා වාර තැන්පතු ගිණුම් ජෙ‍ය්ෂ්ඨ පුරවැසි ස්ථිර තැන්පතු

Laksetha Senior Citizens Fixed Deposit

We offer "Laksetha" Senior Citizens Fixed Deposit scheme with pride for our Senior Citizens.

Benefits / Features

  • Attractive Interest Rates - Payable Monthly or Annually
  • 100% Guarantee of a Government Bank
  • Nominee can be appointed.
  • Express loans of up to 90% of the deposit.

For Whom

Sri Lankan Senior Citizens (above 55 years)

Initial Deposit

Initial deposit of LKR 100,000

Interest Rate

Click here to view rate sheet

*Conditions apply